How long does a yeast infection last?

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How long does a yeast infection last? The following article will help you answer this question.

How long does a yeast infection last

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Yeast infections are the accumulation of yeast in the body, often appearing in the vagina, known as vulvovaginal candidiasis or vaginal infections. Yeast can proliferate in the vagina because the environment is dark and wet and can change easily pH level. For some women, yeast infection will occur during or before menstruation period. If you suffer from yeast infections recur more than once a month, contact your doctor. If not, yeast infections can be cured with natural methods that are effective.


A yeast infection can last in a short time

In men and women, when suffering a yeast infection at the beginning, it usually does not last long. The answer is typically about 1-2 weeks. Sometimes they lasted only a day. Therefore, you should be treated immediately to prevent future incidents.

Without treatment, symptoms can last much longer and over time the disease is difficult to treat thoroughly.

How long does a yeast infection last

How long does a yeast infection last ?

A yeast infection can last in a long time

If you know your yeast infection but deliberately not treat, the symptoms appear severely and the disease is difficult to disappear then  the treatment will become more difficult and more expensive

Yeast infections are not fatal, even if not treated. However, prolonged infection will lead to several complications including:

Always stress


Lose confidence

These effects can greatly reduce the quality of life, health and relationships. That is the reason why we recommend that you should treat yeast infection as soon as possible.

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