What is a yeast infection ?

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What is a yeast infection ? How to get rid of yeast infection naturally at home ? To answer the question, you can see this video:

What is a yeast infection free video

1. What is a yeast infection ?

Yeast infection is caused by a bacteria called candida albicans causes. Bacteria fungi (candida) exists even on the skin of healthy people, especially in areas where warm, moist, like the mouth, genitals …

2. Causes:

Once the acidic environment of the vagina or the area is reduced by rotating the yeast infection begins to develop.

3. Expression of yeast infection:

– The secret burning and itching sensation.

– Increased vaginal discharge white like cheese.

– In addition, there are a number of expressions such as painful urination, burning and pain during intercourse, vaginal swelling …

What is a yeast infection

If you have one of the signs of the disease should be treated promptly. Usually after examination, the doctor will give medicines and drugs given to patients. Depending on the severity of each person that has the appropriate prescription. But one of the most noted necessary when treating vaginal infections that you should avoid sexual intercourse during this time.

Having sex is a cause of your yeast infection (infected from their partners). To prevent infection via this route, you should know best protect themselves by using condoms for each sex.

This is a video about what to know about yeast infections. It also guides you how to get rid of yeast infection naturally at home.


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Hopefully this information will help you better overview of the disease, from which the disease prevention and more effective treatment.