Why do I keep getting yeast infections?

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Why do I keep getting yeast infections? How to get rid of a yeast infection effectively? Let see this video if you want to have a quick answer: 

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Yeast inherently “reside” in your body, especially in wet areas, angular, dark or in areas with many folds. So the “armpit and vaginal areas” tend to develop yeast most

Up to 70% of women having a yeast infection at least once in their lives and 45% of them frequently recurrent. Maybe you’ve known some common causes of yeast infections, such as taking antibiotics, vaginal douching with shower, the body’s immune system to weaken or wear clothing that is too tight.


“I am 20 years old, a yeast infection makes me regular vaginal itching, burning, and sometimes appears white vaginal discharge, I’m very worrying. I tried some treatments but they are still not effective. Please let me know what is the cause and how do I get rid of this disease completely”

Here are some of the major causes of yeast infections that help you recognize and prevent them.

– The level of estrogen in the body low causing a yeast infection when you go through puberty, before the menstrual cycle, estrogen levels decrease and this time the yeast begins to grow. So, you should take care of “private parts” clean, replace regular tampons.

– Yeast infections are quite common gynecological diseases during pregnancy. It is due to chemical changes in the vaginal environment. Basically, vaginal environment now have amount of sugar higher than normal. Because the sugar is suitable environment for yeast to grow.

– Vaginal douching leads to yeast infections appear or develop faster. So if douching, germs, bacteria will have the opportunity to advance deep into the vagina and cause multiple infections, infections of the vagina expand.

– Eating sugar also causes yeast development. When blood sugar levels rise, it also creates opportunities for the yeast to thrive leading to a yeast infection.

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